Paleo Without Pity-Mango Curry Chicken and Tostones

I saw this recipe in Clean Eating Magazine with Beef and Peanuts, but I subbed in chicken and almonds, since I sometimes find stir fry beef to be a little chewy.

This meal is delicious and pretty easy to prepare.  With the exception of the plantains, I had everything in my freezer or pantry already.

Mango Curry Chicken and Tostones (Serves 4)

Mango Curry Chicken

1 teaspoon of olive or coconut oil.  (Add a little more or cooking spray if the pan looks dry)

1 large or two small yellow onions chopped

1 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into bite sized pieces

3 Gloves Garlic, minced (I use a press)

1 C Frozen Mango

2 teaspoons curry powder

2 T sliced almonds

Sea Salt and Pepper to Taste


1 T olive or coconut oil

2 yellow plantains cut into 1/4 in pieces



Heat oil in pan and cook onion for 5 minutes or until translucent

Add chicken and garlic cook for 5 minutes or chicken looks mostly cooked through

Add curry and mango, cook for five minutes or until the mango is warm

Remove from heat and add almonds, taste and adjust salt and pepper, cover to keep warm until serving


Heat oil in separate pan, place tostones in pan with room for them to breathe and cook for 2-3 minutes.

Using Tongs, turn over, careful not to touch the hot tostone with your fingers, there by teaching your six year old new and exciting words.

Cook for another 2-3 minutes, please on paper towel to blot gently and serve with chicken.

Note: If using beef, drain in a colander before adding the mango.

This was a great dish.  I had it done from start to finish in less than 1/2 an hour.

Next time I make it I might serve it with a spinach salad or a touch of avocado to mellow the curry.

I did not attempt to serve this to my kids as they are not big curry lovers.  I also find that while I love and appreciate the value of a full family dinner, once a week its nice to feed the kids a little earlier and have a peaceful meal with just my husband.  Its nice to eat at a relaxing pace without having to worry about correcting table manners or watching people make faces when unfamiliar food is served.








Paleo Without Pity-Day 1

I recently joined a cross fit gym and I am loving it, even though its made me a little angry at myself.  I am loving the workouts and variety, but I am angry because apparently all those years I THOUGHT I was working hard, (and all those times I went through the motions) was a bunch of bullshit.

The gym I go to is having a 3 month Paleo Challenge starting today.  The hubs was on the fence about trying it, but I really wanted to, so we both agreed to do it.

So from today, Monday, March 5, 2011 until Sunday, May 27, 2012 I will be following the Paleo Diet.  This means lots of lean proteins, fresh veggies, some fruit and nuts and no grains, dairy or legumes.  I did have a few ‘farewell’ meals so I could enjoy real pizza, ice cream, pasta, and grilled cheese, but today its a Paleo day.

At some point I’ll post some before pics, but my starting weight is 168.  I’m 5’4″ and that is not good.   I’ll get my body fat tested at my box this week.

I have stocked the fridge and I have planned ahead.  My planned meals for today are:

Breakfast: Spinach/Pineapple Smoothie

Morning Snack: Hard boiled egg

Lunch: Chili

Afternoon snack: Grapes

Dinner: Honey Mustard Pecan Turkey Cutlets, Cajun Sweet Potato Chunks, Roasted Asparagus

Evening Snack: Green tea with Stevia, sugar snap peas

I’ll post some recipes tomorrow.

Lets hope this is the beginning of a wonderful journey.

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Going Paleo

I have started doing Crossfit, and while part of me is enjoying it, I have wondered at least once per workout if I need to up my life insurane and update my will, just in case I don’t survive the work out.

As part of the class they are sponsoring a three month Paleo challenge, which my Sweet Husband and I will be taking part of.

I am hoping this will really help me knock off  the fat sweater I am using to keep my abs all nice and cozy.  I am also hoping that I can go without cheese or bread or sugar for the greater part of three months without my freaking out in the bakery and lying on the floor of the artisan bread section of my local Wegmans holding a fresh baked Boule and weeping.

I have to admit a little skepticism about the whole paleo and clean eating and other low carb diets.  I just can’t suspend belief enough to buy into the fact that a simple baked potato is evil, yet I am encouraged to drink protein shakes, which seem to be as much of a science experiment as a tub of cool whip without the deliciousness or creamy texture.

One thing I will be doing for at least the 1st month is to plan out the entire month’s worth of meals and snacks to make sure that I don’t get bored, and that I have the food in the house, do I don’t default to dinner rolls or cereal.  I am debating whether or not to give myself a weekly cheat meal or two, or if I should go totally hardcore for the 1st month.

However, I want to encourage my Sweet Husband and by cutting out breads and sweets we should both be able to lose weight.

Maybe though I should consider some nose plugs for the grocery store to block out the smells of the bakery.

Wish me luck.  Hopefully there will be less of me by the end of May.