Special Needs Ryan Gosling

Special Needs Ryan Gosling

This has been a tough week. My sweet boy is getting very stressed about our impending move to Maryland and has been acting out. He had been trying to keep a good face on things since we have all been stressed about the move.

I’ve been having anxiety dreams where I get a report card of my parenting skills and all the grades are a D-.

So I am very, very, happy that today is Friday and its a long weekend. I am happier that the school year will be ending soon. I will be happiest when I get a decent cocktail in my hand. But I think that Ryan understands the need to get away from it all.

Happy Friday Everyone!


Special Needs Ryan Gosling

To say its been a busy week has been an understatement.  Lets just say that I completed my 40 hour work week by 10am on Wednesday.  However its Friday and I am still working.

I also have an initial consult with a woman who has an Autism Spectrum Consulting practice.  I never knew there was such a thing or what she does, but I will find out on Monday and report back to you lovely people next week.  I am thinking that since my son’s diagnosis is less than a year old, We’ve been flying without an IEP and are moving to Maryland this summer, it would be good to speak with a professional.

Anyway, enough of that, lets break out the juicy Ryan goodness.


Happy Friday Everyone!

B1G1- Is Buy One Get One Free- just for those who may not have had enough coffee prior to blog hopping.

Special Needs Ryan Gosling-How I Got Here


Before I get into my Ryan picture today, I realize that no one knows why I participate.  I’m working on getting my blog up and running and haven’t gotten into the rythym of posting yet, so my story has yet to be told.

I’m not just here because I love Sunday and I think she is made of awesome-(she is!).  My son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome last year at age 11. It took me the better part of a year and I don’t even want to think about how many phone calls (55-according to my spreadsheet) to get the insurance to approve a neuropysch to do the testing, but it got done.

I had hoped that I would just be told that my child was simply so brilliant that his issues were due to boredom with his peers and school work.  I am still working on getting my arms around everything.  Honestly I am still not sure if I’m even spelling Asperger’s right most of the time without the aid of the spellcheck.

I do have to thank Sunday, and the rest of you.  I enjoy reading your stories, and I especially enjoyed DM’ing Sunday when I was at an Asperger Parent Meeting about transitioning schools and having her send me a link to the Maryland IEP rules in seconds.

I am learning and trying to appreciate the journey.  There are more stories to come as I am ready to tell them, but for now, onto the Ryany goodness.




Special Needs Ryan Gosling-Double The Ryan

Happy Friday Everyone!  Or for me its an Uber Friday since my sweet boy has spring break next week, and I have a three day weekend.

So- in honor of that, its double the Ryan for your viewing pleasure, plus a special friend.

Not only is Ryan thoughtful, but he has his priorities straight.

And because some weeks, we all need some extra help….

A little extra back up never hurt anyone.  Amirite?

Happy Friday everyone!