Special Needs Ryan Gosling

To say its been a busy week has been an understatement.  Lets just say that I completed my 40 hour work week by 10am on Wednesday.  However its Friday and I am still working.

I also have an initial consult with a woman who has an Autism Spectrum Consulting practice.  I never knew there was such a thing or what she does, but I will find out on Monday and report back to you lovely people next week.  I am thinking that since my son’s diagnosis is less than a year old, We’ve been flying without an IEP and are moving to Maryland this summer, it would be good to speak with a professional.

Anyway, enough of that, lets break out the juicy Ryan goodness.


Happy Friday Everyone!

B1G1- Is Buy One Get One Free- just for those who may not have had enough coffee prior to blog hopping.



  1. We call it BOGO. . . and I was completely ignorant of what it meant until a week and half ago. funny story. . . (imho).

    what is it with spectrum kids and nuggets? I shouldn’t question it. . . just be thankful their ARE nuggets.

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