Month: June 2014

Paleo Without Pity: Gluten-Free High Protein Fudge Bites

I appear to be back.  With my recent downsizing I appear to have 5 free minutes on my hands so I thought I would dust off the old blog.   

I went to see a nutrionist a few weeks ago to help me lose weight and improve my performance at Cross-Fit, but if we are going to be totally honest, from my run times, to my pull up attempts, I would be a lot better at things if there was less of me to move around.  I am doing about 75-80% of her meal plan, and have been adopting the different components slowly to try and make them stick.  

I did the LuRong Challenge back in the fall, and I did lose weight but it was too much of a change from my regular eating patterns, too soon and too intense to be sustainable.

The two changes I seem to have gotten down is the veggie/protein/complex carb lunch, and the post workout recovery meal.  Post workout recovery food has always been a challenge because I am not a big fan of protein shakes.  Or to be more accurate, I do like protein shakes, but only when you doctor them to the point, where its a Frosty with Protein in it.

Once of my recovery options is to mix 4 oz of mashed sweet potato with 2 scoops of protein powder.  1st I made a fudgy-brownie thing with it, but then I thought I would pop it in muffin tins and bake it.  EUREKA!  This ends up being delicious, and since I use mini-muffin tins, its also easy to eat while I am cooling down or driving home from the 5:30am class.

This recipe gives me 24 mini-muffins, and I eat 4 as a post work out meal, so I get six days of post workout yummies from this.

Gluten-Free High Protein Fudge Bites:

12oz Mashed Sweet Potatoes

6 scoops UMP Chocolate Protein Powder


Mix the sweet potatoes and protein powder together, adding enough water to make a thick brownie like batter

Spray mini muffin tins with coconut oil spray, drop batter into tins.

Cook on 425 for 10-12 minutes

Let cool and pop out.

I also think if you are really careful about mixing in the sweet potato you could feed these to a veggie hater and they would never know.