Special Needs Ryan Gosling

This has been a tough week. My sweet boy is getting very stressed about our impending move to Maryland and has been acting out. He had been trying to keep a good face on things since we have all been stressed about the move.

I’ve been having anxiety dreams where I get a report card of my parenting skills and all the grades are a D-.

So I am very, very, happy that today is Friday and its a long weekend. I am happier that the school year will be ending soon. I will be happiest when I get a decent cocktail in my hand. But I think that Ryan understands the need to get away from it all.

Happy Friday Everyone!



  1. Sorry the boy is having a rough go of it. Hopefully once school ends that will be one less stress and he’ll be able to cool out a bit.

    As for Ryan and his idea….sign me up!

  2. I remember moving with my autistic kiddo …. we actually did it twice, but the first time he was only 9months old (pre-autism days). The second time he was 4.5, had a 1.5year old brother and boy was that move horrific! The move itself went great. It was when school started up in the fall that things went downhill. I hope once school is out he’ll be able to destress a bit, YOU TOO!

  3. Gotta love stress dreams, huh? πŸ™‚ I had one recentley where the bus driver stopped at my house and this kid got off that wasn’t mine. When I told the bus driver this was the wrong kid he insisted this was my kid and even called him my older son’s name and the boy said “Yep that’s me”. It was very weird!

  4. I am sorry for all the stress – I can only imagine. Every two years we have to change campuses in our school district. While I am not happy or looking forward to the new school next year, I do think that of our 2 kids, the one on the spectrum is going to handle it better, which is why he’s still in the district. Okay that, and he’s been getting awesome support!

    Enjoy your stress-busting weekend with Ryan! If only, right?!?!?!

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