Cleaning Out My Brain

Every once in a while my brain just gets too full for its own good and its impossible to string together coherent thoughts about anything.  And just like when you get a cheesy song stuck in your head, the only way to cure the full brain is to do a brain dump.

1. I love Crossfit.  I could do a whole post about it and probably will.

2. We are moving to Maryland next month.  Since my sweet husband is in the Army its a PCS move.  We’ve never had movers before.  My inner control freak is having an aneurysm.

3. Typically during a move, I handle the administrative end of things to avoid the packing, painting, etc.   So instead of touching up walls, I deal with transferring medical records, registering the kids for school, and making sure the cable is installed as soon after we move in as humanly possible.  My to do list has 40+ items on it.

4. I have less than a month at work.   Its a challenge admitting there are projects I am not going finish.  I really need to bind and gag my inner control freak.

5. My resume needs work.  I need to sit and focus on it, so I have it uploaded & ready to go when I start job hunting in July.

6. I’m going to BlogHer!  I’m so freaking excited, and it was awesome of my Husband to encourage me to go.

7. I love how with having a kindle on my Ipad I can read a book and no one knows if its a great novel, or a trashy one.

8. After 3 months of Paleo, I am almost cured of my bread addiction.  Almost.

9. My little princess graduates from Kindergarten next week.  It seems like yesterday that I was at her brother’s kindergarten graduation with her as a brand new infant.

10. Sometimes the hardest thing about blogging is finding the time to actually blog.

11. Do you hate when you really want to write a post about something, but you see a bunch of posts already written on it that say the same thing you wanted to say, but only more awesomely?

How much do I love my husband?  This much!




One comment

  1. Your husband sounds like a pretty good guy 😉

    The move is stressing me out too, but we’ve got time and we’re chipping away at the to-do list, we’ll be fine.

    I’m glad that you enjoy CrossFit as much as I do!

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