Special Needs Ryan Gosling

Its actually been a pretty peaceful week so far.  My sweet husband has been away for work, and its just been me and my handsome son this week.  We had a nice dinner together at Outback, and we have just been enjoying the quiet and each other’s company and I have learned ALOT about Minecraft.

I also found Ned Hardy’s pictures of a Minecraft theme wedding.  My guy is totally against the idea of getting married right now, and girls are still icky (which I should probably enjoy), but he did warm up to the idea of a minecraft wedding, and now I just have to get Wegman’s to do a Minecraft themed cake for his birthday.

When I looked at this picture of Ryan, I thought he looked mildly befuddled, so what better than to have him mention something that befuddles many of us.  Honestly, I do not begrudge Miss Jenny for posing naked.   I would just rather than it being for whatever awareness that she is going for, that it go towards awareness about how much of an uphill battle it can be for those who love a spectrum child or adult.

I have been reading a lot of your blogs (and not commenting often which makes me the stuff at the bottom of J-Mac’s shoe) but many of the posts seem to deal with the frustrations of dealing with doctors, schools, and most especially the insurance company.

But enough rambling.  Here’s Ryan.



  1. I agree, if she wants to exploit herself, more power to her, but DO NOT exploit yourself in the name of autism and our precious kiddos!

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