Trying All Things Pinterest 

According to my Pinterest page I have over 2600 pins.  And while Emmy and her obsession with puppies in costumes, fancy cakes & Betsey Johnson is responsible for a lot of the pins- a bunch of them are on me so I figure it’s time to try some out.

1st- Getting Rid of Gunk in the sink.

The kids bathroom sink gets a little gross as they stink at rinsing after brushing their teeth.  I needed to clean it and looked to Pinterest for this solution.
Have to say it worked like a charm.  Easy to do & did not need a hose or special equipment.

So now I only have about 2000+ more to check out so watch this space.


12 Lessons Learned From BlogHer12

I had a great time at BlogHer 12, learning so much that my brain was completely full for a good 24 hours after I left and meeting some great people.

I was also psyched that BlogHer13 is being held in Chicago, a city I love and have not been back to in 10 years, and does not conflict with my son’s birthday.

Taking what I learned from BlogHer12, I am going to make sure I do the following for BlogHer13.

1. Book the conference hotel the very second the conference rate becomes available:  Thankfully, the Sheraton allows you to cancel pretty close to the conference, so even if I can’t go at the end, I can let go of the room and not get penalized.  I really want the conference hotel.  Its much easier to make periodic swag drops during the day, and I think there is more quality socializing to be had when you are in the conference hotel.

2. Bring more going out clothes. I brought one dress for the Friday parties, but that was not enough.  I am going to bring dressy stuff for each night.

3. Bring cute shoes:  I kept to functional shoes since I was schlepping between the two hotels, but if I am following lesson number 1, I can bring the more fun shoes.

4. Bring a baggie for the business cards I collect, since I had them in a million spots in my bag.

5. Find an adorable backpack to keep my hands free, which is especially helpful during the buffet meals.

6. Set the alarm on my phone 15 minutes before each seminar starts so I (a) make it to the seminar before it starts and (b) get a seat at the seminar.

7. Be more assertive about trying to catch up with the bloggers I really want to meet:  I did not realize that there were 5000 people registered and just how many people 5000 people are.  I was hoping to meet Stephanie O’ Dea from Crockpot365 and Melissa from Rock And Drool, but I figured that by checking the badges of people that looked like them, I would find them.  Bad strategy.

8. Try to fit in a nap every day:  If I want to stay out past 11, I either need to nap, or start learning to love Red Bull.

9. Bring a water bottle:

10: Bring some different sized envelopes to organize the papers and coupons you receive as you visit with the vendors.

11. Bring one large suitcase.  I had brought a duffle bag for the 2o pounds of swag I brought home.  (Yes, I weighed the bag), but for ease of transport I think I would have been better off with one really big bag that was slightly empty while traveling to BlogHer, that I could load up at the end.

12. Write more posts and make an effort to connect with the wonderful women (and men) I met at BlogHer12, so I will be a better blogger and social media user this time next year.

So to the others attending BlogHer, anything you would do differently for BlogHer13?