I’m Going To Try Extreme Couponing-Any Advice

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I use my coupons.  Well, most of the time.  When I remember to bring the coupon envelope into the store.  And I can find the coupon I want.  And they didn’t expire first. And I remember to buy the right item, in the right quantity.

Its just that I hate to leave money on the table and I hate to think someone is getting a better deal than me.  This is what also drives me nuts about travel.  Everywhere I go, I know someone is paying less for the same flight, rental car or room than I did, even though I think I am shopping carefully.

So, I am going to follow the advice of The Krazy Coupon Lady. 

I am starting day one of the program today.  I am rethinking how I shop.  I usually hit one store (right now I am shopping Shaw’s because I got sucked into that stupid Monopoly like contest) and then I will hit a store once per week for last minutes oops type items.  You know, ran out of milk, need fresh salad stuff, etc.

However, this week I am going to search the flyers and see where the best deals are.  I am also going to hit my local craft store this week and see if I can find the coupon binder cheaper than I saw it on Amazon.

So, any advice readers?