NaBloPoMo January 2013- Day 1: From Where Do You Draw Your Energy

Happy New Year Everyone!  I hope that 2013 is wonderful to you and that it does not take you too long to rememebr to write the correct year on your checks.  Of course if you are like me, and have almost everything on auto bill pay where you are at the point of writing maybe two checks a month, three if its a banner month, than it might take you even longer.

Trying to blog everyday for an entire month should be interesting, as I have never done it before.  After reviewing my WordPress Blogging Report for 2012 I realized that I need to blog more if I am to have a blog people read.  One of the biggest impediments to blogging can be the lack of ideas, so  having a month worth of daily prompts seems to be a great way to start.

The 1st Prompt is: From Where Do You Draw Your Energy?

I am lucking that I am normally pretty high energy.  I was one of those horrible children that gave up naps very early (and was rewarded with similar children) and I always seemed to just run and run.

How energetic am I?  I remember being in the OB’s office during my second trimester of pregnancy with my son Alex.  I remember sitting there with Dave bitterly complaining that I did not have the rebound of energy I was expecting in the second trimester.  Where was all this energy I was supposed to be having?  My lovely OB gave me a look and asked my husband about my activity level.  He then proceeded to describe my 40+ hour a week job with travel two weeks out of the month, full-time grad school schedule, and 3x a week workout.

My OB raised an eyebrow, laughed at me and explained that there was obviously nothing wrong with my energy level.

Now that I have two kids, several years of not sleeping through the night and I am a little older, I find that my energy level is not what it used to be. Now I need sleep, and after a really hard workout, that hour nap on the weekend is important.  Also, I find that cutting way back on the white carbs helps.  As much as I LOVE pasta or pizza, I have to admit that after a dinner of either that I am ready for a nap.

I’m not a big fan of caffeine, as I find it makes me feel all wired, but at times when I am under the weather, or just need a boost a Coke Zero will help, but since it makes me jumpy I really try not to indulge.  Consider it my gift to you all.

super tired


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