BlogHer 2012

My bag is mostly packed, my Amtrak ticket is printed and I remembered to put my Sheraton Membership Card in my purse.  I am ready to go to BlogHer.

I am very excited to go.  I have been having trouble finding readers and getting the blog off the ground, so I am hoping that the opportunity to learn from other bloggers and meet people will give me the kick start I need to have a better blog.

As with all seminars and conferences I find myself looking at the seminar list, and I want to go to all of them.  I want to hit every party and have fun.

I am also looking forward to going because I have been doing the stay at home mom- not working thing for a couple of weeks while preparing for and completing our move and I could use the decompression for a day or two, especially now that I have seriously started job hunting.

So I hope to spend a few days meeting people, learning new things and coming back fired up and ready to tackle the world.

So if you see a gal with a hot pink tote bag and a shy smile.  That’s me.  Come over and say hi!





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