Since we live in Massachusetts its the week my son takes the MCAS-The Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System. This means he has no homework this week, except to “get a good night’s sleep” and “eat a healthy breakfast”. Which annoys me because 1st off they are coddling the kids. If i have an important meeting or presentation at work, it does not mean that the dest of my work stops. And 2nd, shouldn’t I be making sure my kids get a food night sleep and a healthy breakfast every day? It’s annoying enough that I almost want to keep my kid up to all hours and then give him a ‘pop’ themed breakfast of soda pop, tarts of pop and pop rocks as an appetizer.

I really hate the focus on standardized testing. I feel it hampers the teachers and they spend time teaching kids how to do well on the MCAS and less time teaching more critical thinking.

I also hate how the ratings on a standardized test then define the school district. With the exception of one teacher that should have retired, my son has had wonderful, engaged teachers and caring support staff.

However, since the MCAS scores are not good, the school district is not good. And since the school district is not “good” then the whole town is considered a less than desirable place to live.

Which is a lot to be determined from some kids filling out bubbles on a sheet.


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