Loves Theatre….Hates Drama

I remember once when I was ten my mom got all panicked, and wandered the neighborhood looking for me.  No one had seen me for hours, and she being of a paranoid bent, was convinced some awful shadowy person kidnapped me from the peaceful Long Island neighborhood where I grew up.

Turns out, I was taking a nap in my closet, which I had set up with some old pillows and a blanket, having found a place where my bratty younger brother couldn’t find me.

Today I still try to find that sweet spot of peace and quiet, but now, instead of a little brother, I am trying to hide from a demanding boss, the kids, the dog, my co-workers, and sometimes, even my Husband.

All my life I’ve been the peacemaker, trying to avoid drama.  I hate tension, arguments, and bullies.  I also hate people who hide behind the internet to say the horrible things they would never say in public.

Yet I have stuff to say, so I blog.

I like to talk about my kids, but I am not a Mommy Blogger.

I like to talk about food, but I am not a Food Blogger.

I like to talk about Human Resources, but I am not a Human Resources Blogger.

I also like sex, current events, pop culture and books, but I am not blogging about any one thing.  I like to blog about whatever is on my mind.

I do love to share tips, ideas and recipes that I have found help make my life easier, because the worst thing you can do with a good idea is to hide it.

I am a wife, I am a mom, I am a failed dieter who has not given up hope.  I am an avid reader, and I am usually a nice person.  Except of course when I am a raging bitch.

I just turned forty in 2011, so join me as I go from being 40 to being in my 40’s.

My blog motto:


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